Act as the management of your own company

In ProSim Advanced, students act as the managers of trading companies. All teams are competitors in the same market. And that is quite a challenge! The game is all about learning to determine strategic decisions and take tactical actions based on the company's (financial) results. Within this context, teams will be faced with different issues, varying from marketing and competitive strategies, improving staff satisfaction, living up to their customer’s needs, and continuously keeping an eye on the financial statements

Modular, flexible simulation

ProSim Advanced is a modular simulation, which means that it can easily be customised to reflect the themes and concepts you wish to highlight. We can show or hide some of the different modules so that the focus remains related to the content of a student’s course.

Simulation structure

The simulation is played in rounds, with each round representing one year of operations. As there is no minimum time period which must pass before the next round can be played, different rounds can be played on the same day if you wish. When used as part of a university course, many professors choose to play one round each week.

Tamara Ansons

I am very positive about working with Edumundo. My queries were dealt with efficiently and effectively throughout the simulation.

Tamara Ansons Assistant Professor of Marketing
Warwick Business School, University of Warwick


Some topics
  • entrepreneurship
  • marketing
  • strategy
  • finance
  • HRM
  • balanced scorecard
  • R&D
  • balance sheet
  • income statement
  • Porter
  • SWOT
  • news events
  • strike!
  • crises
Author:Deloitte & Edumundo
Target group: UG & PG (including MBA, MSc)
Objective:Managing a company with a helicopter vision
Flexible simulation:Focus on finance, marketing or strategy

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