Searching the cloud

E-dubook Search skills is an interactive and adoptive learning tool. Being the next generation of e-books, it can be played on all modern devices including PC’s, tablets and notebooks.

Search skills

Research has demonstrated that students often begin university without sufficient information search skills. The standard search engines often return volumes of information sources but can be inaccurate and in some cases unreliable. Most students are not capable of filtering the most relevant information out of all the information available to them.

Learning outcomes

Students are required to be able to quickly find their way through enormous volumes of information. Edumundo has developed an interactive method that will teach students how to effectively and efficiently search for information. This interactive course will provide students with the following information search skills:


E-dubook Search skills is developed in cooperation with the University of The Hague lecturers Peter Becker, Sutarto Hardjosusono, Jos van Helvoort, and Erwin Sengers.


  • find information
  • clarify and delineate
  • process information
  • contextualize
  • reformulate
  • research skills
Authors:Peter Becker
Surya Hardjosusono
Jos van Helvoort
Erwin Sengers
Andries Hiskes
University: University of The Hague (NL)
Target group:UG & PG
Turn key:Incl. PowerPoints, lecture documents, etc.
Course delivery:Can be done by Edumundo's guest lectures (if applicible)

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