Learn economics: proven, online and interactive.

E-dubook Introduction to Business Economics is an interactive and adaptive learning tool. Being the next generation of e-books, it can be played on all devices including PCs, tablets and notebooks.

The student

Using this tool, students absorb all the basics of business economics by choosing the learning styles which suits them best. Research shows that by using a wide combination of infographics, short films, interactive graphs, drag & drop and animations, students absorb theoretical constructs more easily, faster and with more fun than a paper or regular e-book.

The lecturer

Using automatically generated provisional assessments and additional user information, lecturers receive real time updates about the level and progress of their students.

The Author

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E-dubook Introduction to Business Economics is developed in cooperation with André Heezen. André Heezen has published 14 textbooks about business economics and sold over 650,000 copies.

André Heezen Author, Senior Lecturer
University of Arnhem & Nijmegen
  • balance sheet
  • income statement
  • Cash Balance
  • Business identities
  • Business plan
  • Equity
  • Financial Capital
  • Direct / indirect costs
Author:André Heezen & Edumundo
Main topic:Introduction to Business Economics
Target group:UG students
Release date:Summer 2014

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