Examination expertise for lecturers

The majority of university lecturers now have Masters or PhD degrees. In other words, they are absolute experts in the areas in which they teach. However, there are always areas for improvement and one of the key ways that lecturers can maximise student learning is by developing innovative assessments that reflect the latest advances in educational research.

In order to ensure that your university’s lecturers are developing examinations and grading systems that are modern and that optimise student learning outcomes, Edmundo has developed ‘E-dubook examination expertise’.


In this comprehensive digital course, lecturers are trained on innovative and effective approaches to the construction and assessment of tests. Subjects included are:

  • » Open/Closed questions
  • » Assessment criteria
  • » Thesis evaluation
  • » Language tests
  • » Assessing competencies and skills
  • » Criterion Focused Interviewing (CFI)
  • Author

    Cor Sluijter

    E-dubook Examination expertise is a co-creation between Cito Group and Edumundo. Cito is the world’s leading testing and assessment company. Measuring and monitoring human potential has been their core competence since 1968.

    Cor Sluijter Director Vocational, Adult & Higher Education
    Cito Group

    • open/closed questions
    • assessment criteria
    • thesis evaluation
    • language tests
    • assessing competencies and skills
    • Criterion Focused Interviewing (CFI)
    Author:Cito Group & Edumundo
    Target group:University Lecturers & Teacher education students

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