Vision for learning

How do we facilitate the learners of today?

Information generation

Learning has not changed, but learning possibilities have expanded. The individual learner is therefore changing and is required to adapt to meet the needs of the 'information generation':

  • Stronger indivual focus
  • ‘’Just in time’’ learning.
  • Ease and accessibility of learning are becoming critical factors
  • More self-guidance is desired.

The best results

Edumundo believes that "traditional e-learning" does not work. How do we achieve quality in our digital learning methods and secure results?

  • Edumundo creates ownership:
    When people want to learn, resistance is more easily overcome
  • Learning is to experience:
    A person’s attention span online holds for about 5 minutes if the subject is dull, and for about 20 minutes when the subject is offered in an attractive way. Consequently we focus on interaction and engagement rather than plain text.
  • Adaptive learning delivers a customized learning experience
    New learning is able to offer the participant choices. The learner experiences self-guidance, which is possible:
      » In the course of learning components
      » In making a choice for a learning style (do first, then feedback, get an example and copy, reading first then apply, etc.)
      » Be able to ask their lecturer or fellow participant for help
    • We believe in the presence of the lecturer
    • Our software is intuitive
    • Our past has given us good experiences with group learning
        » This also works very well in an online environment, provided there is ownership and a common goal in a defined time frame.
        » It is very important for online group learning that there is a social component and in the beginning this is highly encouraged (for example to find materials or a buddy to do assignments with).

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