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Working for Edumundo is challenging and fun. We don’t just want to make a living, we have the mission to change education. We are passionate about education. We want to help young people progress with knowledge and skills. You need to be a strong individual to work with a critical target group that is looking to improve. You need to be constantly critical, creative and sensitive.

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Inspiring environment

Education is changing dramatically. Frequently the media pays attention to education and how it must or can change: new techniques; better quality; and discussions about bad accreditations. Let your voice be heard at Edumundo, the educational publisher of the future.

Challenging work

The product we develop is in its infancy. Replacements for the book have not yet proven themselves. Our challenge requires technical insight, creativity, and empathy. We need to understand what is important to the target group, as well as economical insight about how to introduce the product to the market.

Newest developments

Edumundo competes with the innovators in education. This includes the hardware giants, and requires a clear knowledge of politics and trends concerning didactics. Our business field changes rapidly. We do not just ask for commitment and input, we also expect you to develop yourself in your field of knowledge. This includes visiting conferences, organizing webinars, reading blogs, etc.

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Our clubhouse

Our office is our clubhouse. We spend a lot of time in it and it is where we feel at home. Our office is located near the Malieveld, near all major roads and the large stations in The Hague. The office is equipped with a lot of conveniences, from a garden to a nursery. We have no dress code, flexible workplaces; for us, it's results that matter.

The Hague as a city to live and work in

Our office is 5 minutes away from the sea, the Kurhaus, and summery Scheveningen. Besides that, The Hague is a big international city with lots of ambitions. The Hague is where we feel at home.

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